Smartphone App

Make calls to anywhere in the world with TALK credits

netTALK Smartphone AppThe Smartphone App allows you to make calls via your cell phone’s Internet connection and is available for cell phones that have the iOS or Android operating systems installed on them. Don’t waste your cell phone minutes and avoid roaming charges.

Works with any of these devices:
  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • iPad
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
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Push to Talk


  • Free App-to-App calling worldwide
  • Free International Radio
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi / Edge / 3G / 4G
  • Import your contacts from your phone
  • Buy TALK credits to call anywhere in the world
  • Dial 2663 for free conference calling bridge
  • Free 411 Directory Assistance

Earth Phones

How it Works

  1. Use the netTALK App to create your netTALK Smartphone Account
  2. Download and install the netTALK Smartphone App onto your mobile device.
  3. Use the username and password you created to login to the netTALK Smartphone App.
  4. Call your friends and family for free and invite them to do the same.
  5. Buy TALK credits to call anywhere in the world.

Download the App

Download the netTALK Smartphone Application for your mobile device.