Canadians Can Now Keep Their Existing Number

Number Porting Comes to Canada Allowing netTALK DUO Customers the Option
To Transfer Their Existing Home Phone Number for a Low, One Time Fee!

“With the availability of number porting you can say goodbye to those high monthly phones bills, with limited minutes and features from traditional providers like Rogers, Bell, Telus and others with the option to keep your existing number for a low, one-time porting fee of U.S. $29.95,” said Anastasios ‘Takis’ Kyriakides, netTALK’s Chief Executive Officer. “We now have the complete telephone package for our valued Canadian customers. This is a major step in our continuing efforts to better serve consumer demand and part of our solid foundation and overall strategy toward future growth.”

Kyriakides added that when you compare netTALK to traditional phone companies or other VoIP providers, netTALK is best in class, offering outstanding call quality at an affordable cost. No more monthly tiered calling plans with a few features; with your purchase of a netTALK DUO (SRP $59.99) or DUO WiFi (SRP $74.99) you get a full featured phone service with one year of free calling throughout Canada and the U.S. and free features including voicemail, call forwarding, number display, directory assistance and E911 to name a few. After your first year of free service you can renew for an additional 12 months for only $3.35 per month (flat rate of $39.95 per year).

“With our products you get savings and simplicity, our device is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and can be taken while traveling to be used on any home phone equipment,” said Kyriakides. “Even while traveling internationally Canadians can make free calls back to North America (Canada & US) with our device. This is a great convenience and savings for all travelling Canadians including Snowbirds. Also family and friends in your home town can call your local netTALK number and reach you anywhere in the world as if you were still in your local area code. netTALK helps you stay in touch with anyone in North America no matter where you are in the world. Stay connected with friends and loved ones, studying, stationed, working or traveling anywhere in the world, without onerous international rates when calls are made DUO to DUO.”

For more information or to see if your number can be ported please go to

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